Revolutionary treatment for colorectal cancer: OncoDNA joins the PDC*neo+ project for a personalised therapeutic vaccine

Medical research is taking a quantum leap forward with the PDC*neo+ project, promising a significant progress in the treatment of colorectal cancer. Thanks to OncoDNA’s unique expertise in neoantigen identification and circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) analysis, this project, supported by the Walloon Region and the Wallonia BioWin Health Cluster, heralds a new era in cancer immunotherapy.

What is the PDC*neo+ project?

The PDCneo+ project focuses on the development of a personalised therapeutic vaccine for colorectal cancer, called PDCneo+. Using PDC*line Pharma’s innovative technology, this vaccine targets unique neoantigens in each colorectal cancer patient. This approach represents a revolutionary development in the field of cancer immunotherapy.

OncoDNA’s key role

OncoDNA brings its expertise in neoantigen identification and ctDNA analysis. Jean-Pol Detiffe, founder and scientific director of OncoDNA, expresses his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to be a part of this cutting-edge project and clinical trial at OncoDNA. It acknowledges our expertise in uncovering neoantigens and our robust track record in liquid biopsy monitoring through the detection of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA)

The importance of regional support

The selection of the PDC*neo+ project by the Walloon Region and the BioWin health cluster underlines the importance of supporting innovative initiatives in the field of biotechnology. This strategic partnership is crucial to advancing research and the development of revolutionary treatments.

 To find out more about the PDC*neo+ project, we invite you to read the full press release.

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Scientific Application Note

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