OncoDEEP Kits enable routine NGS workflow at the Institute of Pathology, Klinikum Region, Hanover, Germany

OncoDNA, a leading genomic and theranostic company specialising in precision medicine for cancer treatment, today has announced the implementation of OncoDEEP® Kit in clinical routine by the Institute of Pathology at the Klinikum Region Hannover (KRH).

The Institute of Pathology serves the Klinikum Region hospital (KRH) group, one of the largest municipal hospital companies in Germany. Currently, it operates ten hospitals in the state capital of Hannover and the surrounding region. The KRH hospitals cooperate closely with each other in medical centres and networks supported by a range of functions including the Institute of Pathology, which specialises in a range of diagnostics as well as molecular pathology. Since April 2022, the Institute of Pathology has also been a member of the National Network for Genomic Medicine (nNGM).

The vision of the Institute of Pathology was to find a comprehensive Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) solution that included both DNA and RNA panels to manage complex cancer cases with an immediate focus on detecting Homologous Recombination Deficiency (HRD). Thanks to the positive feedback from another laboratory, member of DNPM (German Network for Personalised Medicine), who had already adopted the OncoDEEP® Kit, this emerged as the optimal choice for an ’in-house’ comprehensive molecular profiling solution.

The OncoDEEP® Kit, which integrates Twist Bioscience reagents and OncoDNA’s data science, efficiently handles a variety of complex biomarkers and reduces many elements of what is often a time-consuming process. Examining DNA and RNA genes, along with complex genomic signatures, the OncoDEEP® Kit streamlines the workflow into a single sequential process. Additionally, it stands out as a cost-effective solution for converting sequencing data into reports which the molecular pathologist can then share via a secure online platform OncoKDM™. This results in oncologists receiving timely information to inform a patient’s treatment and care. Given the focus on HRD, oncologists working at KRH hospitals are now able to access targeted treatments such as PARP inhibitors for their patients as well as consider the tumour mutational burden (TMB), microsatellite instability (MSI) and loss of heterozygosity (LOH).

The OncoDEEP® Kit is a total game changer, providing a complete solution for handling all genomic alterations without the need for multiple panels to obtain conclusive results. With only one comprehensive panel, we can deliver reliable and comprehensive results in a short time frame as a result of streamlining resources.Sabine Glombitza, Chief of Molecular Pathology lab of Klinikum Region Hannover

We are thrilled that our OncoDEEP Kit is becoming a reference among German cancer centres and that our solution meets their expectations by providing an all-in-one solution covering their specific needs from tumour sample analysis to data interpretation.Jean-Pol Detiffe, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer and Founder of OncoDNA.


OncoDNA is a leading genomic and theranostic company specializing in precision medicine for the treatment of cancer and genetic diseases. The company helps clinicians, academic researchers, and biopharma companies to outsmart molecular complexity with the mission of delivering the promise of precision medicine. The company not only provides clinical guidance for the treatment and real-time monitoring of late-stage cancer patients, but also supports research and drug development in cancer and genetic diseases. Since its early days in 2012, OncoDNA grew into a corporate group of companies with world-renowned expertise. The Group offers a unique portfolio that combines NGS services, biomarker testing, data analysis software and clinical decision support tools. OncoDNA is headquartered in Belgium, and its entities – BioSequence and IntegraGen – are based in Spain and France. The Group employs over 100 employees across 9 countries, works with an international network of 35 distributors and collaborates with European-based and US-based subcontracted accredited laboratories.

OncoDNA is keen to meet laboratory partners and oncologists who would like to benefit from our expertise and work in partnership with us for the benefit of oncologists and their patients.

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