Voice of customer (VoC) Episode 1 – Dr. Ofer Elhanani

Dr. Ofer Elhanani

I’m a staff scientist in Dr. Leeat Keren’s lab at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. In our lab, we focus on research questions related to the interactions between tumor cells and the micro environment, including immune cells and stromal cells. One of our key interests is understanding how these interactions relate to the genomics of tumors.

What specific challenges did you face when integrating Next-Generation Sequencing technologies into your lab for tumor genomics research?

When we began exploring different ways to analyze tumor genomics, it was crucial to establish a protocol that was easy to integrate into our lab. At the time, we had limited experience with Next-Generation Sequencing technologies. We needed a convenient analysis pipeline to obtain results quickly and wanted to ensure our gene panel covered a specific list of genes.

We also aimed to analyze large-scale genomic metrics such as HRD and TMB. Regarding HRD, we were fortunate to compare our samples with competitor kits and technologies, and the results were very consistent. This consistency built our trust in the data we obtained.

How did the assistance from OncoDNA contribute to the successful implementation of your sequencing protocol?

Implementing the protocol for library preparation, enrichment, sequencing, and analysis required clear guidelines and new equipment. OncoDNA’s assistance was invaluable. He answered all my questions, guided me on the necessary equipment, explained the protocol step-by-step, and helped us successfully integrate it into our lab.

As a result, we quickly analyzed 120 samples within three to four months, starting from zero experience. OncoKDM’s analysis pipeline proved to be very effective.

What were the key factors that made OncoKDM’s analysis pipeline particularly effective for your research needs?

The OncoKDM software is well-suited for clinical applications, providing detailed information about clinical trials and suggested drugs. However, as a research group, we had different needs. OncoKDM, the database with comprehensive information on mutations and their clinical significance, was incredibly easy to use. Uploading data from sequencing to OncoKDM went smoothly and quickly, which was impressive given the large amounts of data involved.

How likely are you to recommend OncoDEEP® Kit?

I would highly recommend this approach due to the excellent service and quick responses to any questions I had. The close guidance and training I received allowed us to go from zero experience to obtaining results efficiently. This support was crucial, and I highly recommend it.

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