Successful friendly takeover bid initiated by OncoDNA on IntegraGen’shares

OncoDNA, a private, oncology-focused healthcare technology company, following the announcement of the final results made by the French financial markets authority (the “AMF”), is very pleased to announce the success of its friendly takeover bid launched on IntegraGen outstanding shares, at the end of the reopening period.

As a result of the success of the friendly takeover bid and taking into account the 149,993 shares tendered to the re-opened Offer and 223,793 shares acquired on the market during the re-opened Offer period, OncoDNA holds a total of 4,270,896 shares, representing 63.71% of the share capital and theoretical voting rights and 64.26% of effective voting rights; and thus becomes Integragen’s majority shareholder.

This transaction brings together OncoDNA’s expertise in oncology precision medicine and IntegraGen’s know-how in DNA sequencing and bioinformatics analyses. The combination of both companies will make it possible to offer a unique range of services that combine oncology laboratory testing and software solutions to clinicians, oncologists, researchers and biologists worldwide, which will benefit the treatment of patients with advanced cancer.

“The Board of Directors of OncoDNA and I would like to thank the shareholders of IntegraGen for their confidence. OncoDNA and IntegraGen will now be able to enter a new phase of development based on the solid foundations built up over the last years. Both executive teams are now working on the integration of our respective solutions portfolio and teams and we are confident this new phase in the history of the company will enable us to grow and to create value for our employees and shareholders, and more importantly for our end-customers: oncologists and patients”, said JEAN-POL DETIFFE, OncoDNA Founder.

“This is an important day for IntegraGen, our customers and our employees”, says BERNARD COURTIEU, CEO of IntegraGen. “The success of the transaction allows optimal collaboration and integration between the teams in order to achieve our ambition to provide our customers with the best analysis and genomic interpretation tools. Our combined forces will cement our position on the market by supporting the implementation of a new roll-out and growth phase. We really look forward to set our plan in motion and work hand in hand with OncoDNA.”

OncoDNA has been advised by ODDO BHF as financial advisor and presenting bank for the Offer and White & Case and Osborne Clarke as legal advisor.

Integragen has been advised by Portzamparc as financial advisor and Jones Day as legal advisor.

DISCLAIMER: This press release has been prepared solely for information purposes. The distribution of this press release, the Offer and its acceptance may be subject to specific regulations or restrictions in certain countries. The Offer is not intended for any persons subject to such restrictions, either directly or indirectly, and is not likely to be accepted from any country where the Offer may be subject to such restrictions. As such, the persons in possession of this press release must seek advice concerning any local restrictions that may apply and comply with them. OncoDNA accepts no responsibility for any breach of these restrictions by any person whatsoever.


OncoDNA is a private, oncology-focused healthcare technology company that combines advanced, comprehensive testing of all clinically relevant cancer biomarkers (DNA, RNA and protein profiles) from both solid and liquid biopsies with a proprietary cancer treatment knowledge database called OncoKDO™ which continuously ‘learns’ from cutting-edge, validated, scientific and medical advances. This one-stop-shop analysis and interpretation service gives oncologists actionable results to enable the selection of treatments tailored to the individual patient’s cancer profile. OncoDNA provides to laboratories in the world equipped with NGS equipment an access to a state-ofthe-art interpretation software to improve their routine oncology-oriented analyses. The SaaS software OncoKDM is a web-based tool that processes oncology raw NGS and molecular biology data to turn them into clinical insights such as treatment options or clinical trials. OncoDNA also works in collaboration with the biopharma industry to develop and deliver the treatments of tomorrow by assisting in the design, enrolment and assessment of clinical trials as well as increasing access to approved precision medicines. The company is based in Gosselies, Belgium, and counts 55 employees in five countries.


IntegraGen is a company specializing in the analysis of the human genome that performs adaptive and quickly interpretable analyses for academic and private laboratories. For the management of cancers, which are characterized by a genetic disruption of cells, IntegraGen provides researchers and doctors with universal and individualized therapeutic guidance tools allowing them to adapt the treatment to the patient’s genetic profile. IntegraGen has 46 employees and generated € 8.3 million of revenue of in 2019. Based in the Génopole d’Evry, IntegraGen is also present in the United States in Cambridge, MA. IntegraGen is listed on Euronext Growth in Paris (ISIN: FR0010908723 – Mnemo: ALINT – Eligible PEA-PME).

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