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A combination of different molecular techniques is key to reach clinical benefit 

From molecular fingerprinting of the tumour to a personalised treatment strategy

What is the current situation in oncology practice?

New treatments result in 25% to 50% increase in survival rates

Unfortunately, there is still a huge variation in survival rates among cancer patients

Growing clinical evidence for molecular markers

Molecular profiling has undergone revolutionary changes over the last years due to the evolution of knowledge, technology and standard clinical practice. Molecular profiling is now nearly essential for all patients with metastatic solid tumors. Moreover, going beyond the usual routine markers is mandatory to enter into the era of personalised medicine.

Cancer treatment requires a personalised approach

The aspiration of precision oncology is to change the clinical routine and to treat cancer patients according to their individual molecular profile

Growing number of targeted therapies

Many targeted agents have been developed and approved in the last 15 years and they are nowadays prescribed in routine clinical practice with encouraging antitumour activity

Growing evidence for liquid biopsies

Solid biopsies are not always possible to obtain (invasive procedure), while liquid biopsies offer a versatile and non-invasive opportunity to characterise and monitor disease in patients with cancer.

Healthcare expenditure

Current treatment costs and limited drug efficacy make therapy choice extremely difficult for oncologists. Healthcare expenditure is significantly increasing, and the costly treatments prescribed nowadays need to be able to improve the quality of life and survival of patients.

We have developed solutions especially designed for your needs

Diagnostic Tests

Screening more than the usual suspects

We have developed a unique and powerful combination of biomarker tests to support your therapeutic decision-making: next-generation sequencing of large gene panels, immunohistochemistry analysis and other tests performed on both solid and/or liquid biopsies.

Comprehensive Biomarker Test

Unique combination of DNA, RNA and protein analyses on a tissue biopsy to support clinical decisions at diagnosis or disease progression.

Smart Liquid Biopsy

Fast and minimally invasive analysis of cancer-specific genomic panels for lung, colorectal and breast cancer patients.

Personalized Liquid Biopsy

Analysis of ctDNA in blood to monitor tumor progression in real time and detect lack of response or resistance to treatment as soon as it appears.

Clinical Decision Support Tools

From molecular complexity to clear decisions

OncoKDM is an online platform that turns your NGS data into actionable clinical information. Moreover, OncoKDM can integrate NGS results with IHC, MSI and TMB data. The resulting comprehensive and interactive report includes updated information about approved and investigational treatments for each patient, as well as NGS quality control data, patient clinical data and comprehensive NGS variants annotation.

Our platform OncoSHARE shows you the results of your patient’s molecular profiling through an online integrated theranostic report that includes a comprehensive biological and clinical interpretation. This report gives you an insight into the most effective treatments according to the unique features of your patient’s tumour, taking into account the most relevant scientific information, official cancer guidelines and recruiting clinical trials.