Precision enrollment

Meet your recruitment targets and deadlines by granting treatment access to fully characterised patients

Our approach

Many targeted clinical trials are not solely related to gene alterations but also depend on the expression of a specific protein, the presence of a novel mRNA transcript, the occurrence of a methylation event or the expression of a checkpoint inhibitor biomarker. Hence, the best treatment options cannot be established by relying merely on DNA analysis. OncoDNA characterises patients by NGS and searches for specific SNVs, CNVs, indels and translocations. We also rely on molecular pathology tools to monitor the expression of specific receptors or biomarkers using IHC and by assessing methylation status. This approach offers the highest chances to find a match between a patient looking for an effective treatment and a biopharma company recruiting patients for their trial.

Meet your recruitment targets & deadlines by granting treatment access to fully characterised patients

More and more oncology clinical trials do not meet enrollment deadlines and sometimes fail to meet recruitment targets. The increase in the number of clinical trials and in the complexity of recruiting patients has made patient enrollment a crucial aspect of clinical trials in oncology. Thanks to its extensive oncology network and patient testing services, OncoDNA can bring together patients searching access to treatment and recruiting clinical trials.

Your benefits?

Reduce delays and costs

OncoDNA characterises patients from all over the world. Access a pool of patients fully characterised to serve you R&D and clinical trials.
In some cases, the best or only treatment options left are compounds which are still under clinical development.

Fast growing oncologist numbers

Some patients tested by OncoDNA are in desperate need to get access to these clinical trials.
Our job? To help patients and biopharmas with targeted recruitment.
Our program is driven by the fast-growing number of patients and oncologists using OncoDNA solutions.

They trust our expertise