Our pan-cancer biomarker test on liquid biopsy

SAMPLE TYPE: Liquid biopsy

MATERIAL: 2 blood samples

Liquid biopsy

Targeted Liquid Biopsy to Support Your Clinical Decisions

OncoSELECT is a fast and minimally invasive analysis of circulating tumor DNA from a blood sample for all advanced cancer patients.

When patients cannot have their tumor biopsied, when their tumor tissue sample is too old or too scarce for comprehensive biomarker testing, OncoSELECT is the perfect alternative to help in treatment strategies optimization and to support clinical decisions. It can be used as a tool to detect treatment resistance to targeted therapies and hormone therapies (before first line to assess the heterogeneity of the disease, or during/after treatment to check for acquired resistance mutations or to inform on the patient’s response to chemotherapy in neoadjuvant settings) as well as determine patient potential eligibility to clinical trials.


Liquid biopsy


All types of stage III and IV solid tumors in adults


  • 58 genes
  • SNVs, Indels
  • Gene translocations, unusual splicing
  • TERT promoter

Gene list


2 blood samples (2x10ml Streck tubes)

The Added Value of ctDNA

Identify sensitivity/resistance to therapy

OncoSELECT detects potential sensitivity or resistance to targeted therapies and hormone treatments by targeting 58 genes associated with treatment response (SNVs, indels, translocations and TERT promoter).

It is recommended for patients whose tissue sample is not available or is limited, when it is challenging or not possible to perform a solid biopsy, or if the tumor tissue sample is too old.

ctdna liquid biopsy

Clinical evidence

OncoDNA scientific team regularly publishes studies in peer-reviewed international journals. We have selected for you the key scientific publications that highlight the clinical impact of our biomarker tests.

Combination of solid and liquid biopsy genomic profiling for tumor heterogeneity characterization

ESMO 2017

Tumor-biopsy stratification based on mTOR-pathway activity and functional mutations in the upstream genes PIK3CA and PTEN

Oncotarget 2016

The clinical impact of using complex molecular profiling strategies in routine oncology practice

Oncotarget 2018

The combined analysis of solid and liquid biopsies provides additional clinical information to improve patient care

J. of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment

Other Biomarker Tests


Comprehensive biomarker test to support clinical decisions

OncoDEEP® offers a unique combination of DNA, RNA and protein biomarker tests on solid biopsies. In less than two weeks, OncoDEEP is able to pinpoint the therapeutic vulnerabilities of an advanced, metastatic tumor and to recommend appropriate treatment options. The test screens for genomic alterations (DNA & RNA), genomic signatures (MSI, TMB, HRD) and protein biomarkers of response to targeted therapies, immunotherapies, hormone therapy and chemotherapy.


Personalised liquid biopsy for patient monitoring

OncoFOLLOW is a test based on the analysis of circulating tumor DNA in blood. It is used to monitor the progression of the tumor (burden of the disease) and to detect lack of response or resistance to treatment as soon as it appears.

This assay is customised for each patient, as it analyses variants previously identified in the tumour of the patient.

In 2013, OncoDNA became the first company to launch a personalised liquid biopsy test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering a solution is very simple: Just log in to OncoSHARE and select the solution(s) you are interested in. If you do not have a kit for sample collection, we will send you one.

After sample processing and interpretation by our expert team, a comprehensive report will be available for you on OncoSHARE. In a simple and interactive manner, it will help you with the selection of the most appropriate treatments based on the unique signature of your patient’s tumour. Moreover, you will be able to share the report with your colleagues.

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