About OncoDNA Group

We are a genomic and theranostic company specializing in precision medicine for the treatment of patients with cancer and genetic diseases.

Our mission : Improving patients' health through precision care

OncoDNA’s ultimate mission is to improve patients’ outcomes by empowering physicians, biopharma companies and researchers to deliver the promise of precision medicine. In this relentless pursuit of better care, we have been building an ecosystem of partners involved along the entire value chain – from translational research and drug development to patient treatment, monitoring and reimbursement.

Based on years of experience and Research and Development, we have been able to develop cutting-edge solutions. Our unique portfolio combines 3 pillars: cancer biomarker tests, genomic services in oncology and data interpretation tools.








Our history

OncoDNA, was born in 2012 from the idea of making precision medicine a reality in oncology. Combined with other technologies, Next-Generation Sequencing had the power to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of cancers and rare diseases and bring the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.


In just a decade, we have grown into a renown company that drives innovation in research, accelerates drug development and has helped thousands of patients globally. Today, OncoDNA comprises two entities – BioSequence and IntegraGen – and employs more than 120 employees in 9 countries, works with an international network of 35 distributors and collaborates with both European-based and US-based subcontracted accredited laboratories.

« When I founded OncoDNA, I wished to bring the best of care to cancer patients and give them new hope. Today OncoDNA is the European champion in precision oncology. I am proud to be working with passionate teams who strive to foster innovation and advance patient care. »

Jean-Pol DETIFFE, Founder of OncoDNA

Our leadership

Driving innovation in molecular profiling

Better understanding the behavior and molecular characteristics of a disease is key to improve patient journey and clinical outcome. At OncoDNA, we are specializing in the genomics and theranostics of cancer and genetic diseases. This enables us not only to bring the molecular insights that researchers, biopharma companies and clinicians need, but also to facilitate the analysis and clinical interpretation of those complex data.

bernard courtieu

We strongly believe that empowering our employees and partners is key to stay ahead of the science. The field of genomics is advancing fast. Thanks to our flexibility, entrepreneurial mindset and highly competent teams, we have been able to develop a complete portfolio of genomic services, biomarker tests and bioinformatics solutions to support the translation of precision medicine from bench to bedside. Over the years, our solutions have helped deliver breakthrough, accelerate drug development, and bring therapeutic innovation into routine care.

« OncoDNA has the unique potential to address the needs of the entire value chain, from translational research and drug development to patient treatment and monitoring. Our integrated portfolio and our highly experienced teams is what makes us different. We not only provide the best of genomic services and software solutions, we also deliver administrative, logistics and scientific support from A to Z » Bernard Courtieu, CEO of OncoDNA



Foundation of OncoDNA by Jean-Pol Detiffe, with the idea of making precision medicine a reality in oncology. The OncoDNA startup sets ground in Gosselies, Belgium, and counts a small team of just 5 employees.


OncoDNA took its first steps in molecular profiling of advanced solid cancer with OncoDEEP®, the pioneering biomarker test. It screens tumor tissue and assists oncologists in matching molecular tumor characteristics with the most suitable treatment options for patients.


Launch of OncoSHARE, a secured online platform that provides access to the clinical recommendations resulting from OncoDNA biomarker tests from all over the world.


Specialization in liquid biopsy by introducing the groundbreaking OncoSELECT®, the first personalized liquid biopsy test available on the market. This test screens the circulating tumor DNA in blood samples to predict sensitivity or resistance to targeted therapies. Additionally, OncoFOLLOW, another product, monitors disease progression and detects early relapse.


Fusion with BioSequence, a Spanish company specializing in cancer genomics). This collaboration resulted in the global commercialization of OncoKDM®, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for NGS data interpretation. Clinical laboratories, pathologists, and biologists conducting genetic tests can now benefit from our knowledge database and clinical interpretation for enhanced insights.


OncoDNA completed a friendly takeover of IntegraGen, a leading French genomic services company. This collaboration combines their expertise to offer a wide range of services in laboratory testing, bioinformatics, and data interpretation for oncology and genetic diseases.


OncoDNA introduces the OncoDEEP® Kit, enabling in-house tumor profiling of solid tumors. This innovative test quickly and accurately analyzes numerous complex biomarkers (SNV/Indels, CNV, Translocations, MSI, TMB, and HRD) in a single assay. With robust data analysis and clinical interpretation software, this solution identifies a wider range of treatment options for patients, while reducing costs and reliance on outsourcing.

Our impact

Our solutions have an impact on patients’ cancer journey the world over. We are proud to say that our biomarker tests and clinical decision support have contributed to the treatment of over 100,000 patients. It is motivating to see how they have improved their quality of life and clinical outcomes.

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