Biological (Mercury™)

Extensive quality control checking and raw data vizualisation

MercuryTM  is an intuitive interface that enables users to check in detail the quality of their DNA and RNA sequencing results and extensively visualise raw data of cancer patient molecular profile.
MERCURYTM is RUO * ·RUO* Research use only , CNV; copynumber variant; LOH: loss of heterozygoty; INDEL: insertion / deletion; SNV: single nucleotide variant; TMB: tumor mutational burden; MSI: microsatelite instability; HRD : homologous recombination deficiency.

Clear data insight and clinical interpretation

OncoKDM®’s comprehensive interpretation reports provide labs with eight essential assets to enhance the understanding of NGS data, including detailed annotations, a list of actionable variants, a list of therapies recommendation and a summary of relevant clinical trials.