Project Care

A commited team to providing you with assistance at every stage of your project

Our support teams composed of Field Application Specialists (FAS), Product Scientific Support and Customer support will be by your side to assist you and guide you throughout every step of the process, from sample preparation to data interpretation. They are dedicated to providing you with the necessary assistance and expertise to ensure a smooth and successful experience.

As part of the implementation process, we will provide you with protocols tailored to your specific needs and offer advice on the most suitable equipment for running the OncoDEEP® Kit efficiently.

We optimize lab process by beta-testing the OncoDEEP® Kit using lab’s data that have been already processed. By comparing the results, we can improve the process and aim for the best balance between operational time and cost optimization.

Comprehensive Genomic Profiling process - OncoDNA

Our Field Application Scientists (FAS) will arrange an onsite wet lab training session to assist you in achieving optimal sample and library preparation for sequencing.

After sequencing, our dedicated customer support team will guide you through the process of uploading your data to our cloud platform, providing any necessary reminders and outlining specific requirements to ensure your results are promptly and accurately analyzed.

Once your data is generated and analysis-ready on the platform, our expert customer and scientific support team will provide you with OncoKDM or Mercury software training, ensuring that you feel confident generating your final reports independently.

If your team have any scientific concerns regarding the analysis results, they will have the opportunity to bring them up during a dedicated meeting with our scientific support team.



Once implemented

Building strong customer relationships through training fosters long-term partnerships by establishing trust, collaboration, and customer confidence in leveraging our products to achieve their goals.
Jean-François Vanbellinghen
Field Application Specialist