We help oncology laboratory pharma professionals enhance patient care

Early cancer diagnosis with CGP

Oncology professionals

We ensure NGS testing is simple to organise with timely results provided in a timely way signposting you to treatment choices that will benefit your patients.

CGP Solutions for Laboratories

Laboratory professionals

Our solutions always ensure that NGS testing and its clinical interpretation is delivered in a timely way for the benefit of patients.

Use of genomic profiling to identify genetic mutations in cancer tumors

Pharma professionals

We can gather the information needed to precisely match patients to drugs, evidencing clinical efficacy, safety and patient benefit.


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Our mission

OncoDNA’s ultimate mission is to improve all patients’ health by empowering healthcare providers, biopharma companies and researchers to deliver the promise of precision medicine. In this relentless pursuit of better care, we have been building an ecosystem of partners involved along the entire value chain – from translational research and drug development to patient treatment, monitoring and reimbursement. 


Every day, our dedicated efforts focus on enhancing patient
access to Precision Medicine


Dr. Ofer Elhanani I’m a staff scientist in Dr. Leeat Keren’s lab at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. In our lab, we focus on research questions related to the interactions between tumor cells...

Scientific Review

Scientific Review: latest discoveries in oncology

In a rapidly evolving medical landscape, staying updated with the latest breakthroughs is crucial. Our team of experts constantly monitors the field to bring you the most relevant and groundbreaking news. This month, we’ve handpicked...


Discover the latest version of our OncoKDM™ analysis software. In addition to delivering a comprehensive interpretation report, our platform now provides an even deeper analysis of QC data, empowering your laboratory with the precision necessary for accurate insights....


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