Discover the new OncoKDM™: enhanced precision for your laboratory

Discover the latest version of our OncoKDM™ analysis software. In addition to delivering a comprehensive interpretation report, our platform now provides an even deeper analysis of QC data, empowering your laboratory with the precision necessary for accurate insights.

What’s new?

Sample level insights

  • Amount of Reads: Track and analyze the total reads with enhanced precision.
  • Mean Reads: Gain insights into the average reads by exons for a clearer analysis.
  • Coverage Uniformity: Ensure consistent coverage across your experiments.
  • Exons with Coverage >100x: Easily identify high-coverage exons critical for your research.
  • Mean Coverage: Obtain average coverage data crucial for quality assessments.

Gene level analysis 

  • Mean Coverage: Understand the average coverage depth across all genes.
  • Total Amount of Exons: Access comprehensive data on exon counts.
  • Mean Coverage and Uniformity by Exons: Dive deeper into exon-specific coverage and uniformity for better clarity.

OncoKDM™ not only simplifies your NGS analysis but also provides an effective platform to leverage your QC data, enhancing both the accuracy and efficiency of your laboratory operations.

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