DNA/RNA Sequencing

OncoDNA offers a broard variety of DNA-based sequencing solutions for oncology and rare disease research.

Exome sequencing

OncoDNA provides first-in-class exome sequencing service for researchers with the latest high-throughput sequencing technologies and proprietary analytical tools for analyzing data. We help our customers to identify mutations in rare and complex diseases and in oncology.

Exome sequencing enables researchers to target the protein coding regions of the genome reducing both the cost of sequencing as well as data storage and analysis costs. This enables researchers to increase sample numbers better enabling the study of larger populations.

Our experience

  • Experience working with world renowned researchers across a large variety of fields of genomic research including:
    • Oncology;
    • Rare genetic diseases;
    • Complex diseases.
  • Experienced with the operation of clinical grade sequencing platforms for oncology exome and RNA sequencing projects.
  • Numerous customer publications based on results from research projects.

We have a robust quality control (QC) system incorporated into each critical step of the sequencing process and a continuous quality improvement (CQI) program for our laboratory protocols and analysis of sequencing data.
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How we add value

  • Ability to process DNA from samples with low DNA quantities or degraded samples (FFPE).
  • Decreased turnaround time as a result of access to newer technologies including:
    • The latest sequencing platforms from Illumina;
    • Automation via advanced lab robotics.
  • Expertise in the design of genomic research projects.
  • Expert insight and assistance with results handling and data interpretation.

Custom gene panel sequencing

IntegraGen offers commercial and customized gene panels for your specific gene targeting needs, enabling deep sequencing and the identification of low frequency genetic variants. We can help you to design the ideal targeted gene panel sequencing approach for your project helping you to save both time and money.

How we add value

  • Experts at gene panel design.
  • Availability of either commercial or customized panels.
  • Customized panels via capture or multiplex PCR.
  • Available throughput from 10’s to 100’s of samples as a result of automation via advanced laboratory robotics.
  • Expert insight and assistance with results handling and data interpretation.

Whole genome sequencing

IntegraGen is highly experienced with whole genome sequencing of any species combining a full range of library preparation methods, Illumina’s sequencing technology, and custom bioinformatics analysis.

Why choose OncoDNA for your whole genome sequencing needs?

We have the expertise to work with a full panel of library prep methods:

  • Paired-end libraries;
  • Mate-pair libraries;
  • PCR-free libraries;
  • Small quantity;
  • Fragmentation or tagmentation protocols.

We have high-throughput capacity with the latest sequencing platform from Illumina.

Technical guarantees

  • Robust quality control process for samples.
  • QC at each critical steps of library preparation.
  • Guaranteed sequence quantity and quality.

Explore ctDNA from liquid biopsies for oncology applications 

Analysis of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) offers great opportunities for cancer research and patient care.

OncoKDM: A powerful tool for personalized cancer care

OncoKDM is a clinical decision support platform that helps laboratories interpret NGS data to provide personalized cancer care.

The platform uses a comprehensive database of genetic variants to identify actionable variants that can be targeted by therapy. OncoKDM also provides recommendations for clinical trials and supportive care.

OncoKDM is a valuable resource for laboratories that want to improve the care of their cancer patients.

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