OncoDNA provides strategic support in Radiomics’ prospective clinical trial SALMON

The two belgian companies will work towards a better understanding of non-small cell lung cancer biology and characterization of the tumors using ai technology.

Radiomics and OncoDNA are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic agreement, combining Radiomics’ next-generation AI-based technology to extract quantitative information embedded in medical images with OncoDNA’s expertise in tumor characterization via testing both solid and liquid biopsies for relevant cancer biomarkers. 

The two Belgian companies will work together within the scope of the SALMON (meaSure lung cAncer bioLogy and treatMent respOnse via imaging) clinical study. Radiomics’ prospective, multi-center, multi-country study is aimed at validating its AI approach in the oncology space. Biopsy samples and imaging data will be collected from subjects with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) to chart a non-invasive radiomics atlas of oncogenic biomarkers based on imaging features of computed tomography scans (“RATLAS“). Furthermore, the workflow of assessment of therapy response will be automated by using artificial intelligence on follow up CT scans (“ARECIST“).

Radiomics plans to start the recruitment stage from early 2022. “We welcome OncoDNA’s expertise for this important milestone in the use of imaging and AI. With this study we aim at the comprehension and characterization of non-small cell lung cancer, the most common type of lung cancer accounting for 84% of all lung cancer diagnoses.” said WIM VOS, CEO of Radiomics. 

While Radiomics will lead the radiological characterization of the cases included in the SALMON study through its proprietary advanced technology based on the extraction of quantitative information from DICOM scans, OncoDNA will generate comprehensive OncoKDM reports for the biological characterization and genetic sequencing of NSCLC patients via tissue and liquid biopsy, aimed at the analysis of circulating tumor DNA in blood for the close surveillance of disease progression.

“We believe pairing Radiomics science with our technology platform will prove the value of combining technologies and result in a major step ahead for the development of new solutions for cancer treatment” said BERNARD COURTIEU, CEO of OncoDNA

With great enthusiasm and eager to further explore the potential of their technologies, Radiomics looks forward to launching its SALMON clinical study and to start working with OncoDNA, bringing insights in support of pharma and clinical practice decision makers. 


OncoDNA is a genomic and theranostic company specializing in precision medicine for the treatment of cancer and genetic diseases. The company helps clinicians, academic researchers and biopharma companies to outsmart molecular complexity with the mission of delivering the promise of precision medicine. The company not only provides clinical guidance for the treatment and real-time monitoring of late stage cancer patients, but also supports research and drug development in cancer and genetic diseases. Since its early days in 2012, OncoDNA grew into a corporate group of companies with world-renown expertise. The Group offers a unique portfolio that combines NGS services, biomarker testing, data interpretation software, and clinical decision support tools. OncoDNA is headquartered in Belgium, and its entities – Biosequence and IntegraGen – are based in Spain and France. The Group employs over 100 employees across 9 countries, works with an international network of 35 distributors and collaborates with both European-based and US-based subcontracted accredited laboratories.  

For further information, connect through LinkedinFacebook. 


Founded in 2016 and based in Liège, Radiomics is a Belgian contract research organization (CRO) for next-generation image analysis, based on the unique experience of its founders, pioneers in radiomic science. Since its foundation, the company has diversified and greatly expanded its service offerings. Although oncology remains one of its priority areas, its objective is to develop radiomics applications in various therapeutic areas, thanks in particular to its potential in the respiratory field. Radiomics uses its advanced image analysis technology based on artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and federated learning to uncover hidden information in standard medical images. Its goal is to support decision-making through insights and optimize pharmaceutical and biotech companies’ clinical trials and drug development studies and providing clinicians with a patient-centered approach based on personalized medicine. For further information, visit www.radiomics.bio and connect through LinkedinFacebook or Twitter.


Fabrizia Candido, Account & PR Manager, RADIOMICS

Koenraad EYCKEN
Chief Product Officer

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