OncoKDM® used as the support SaaS platform in a prospective pilot study of Veneto Institute of Oncology – IRCCS

Gosselies, 1st September 2020 – ONCODNA (“OncoDNA or “the Company”), the healthcare technology company making precision medicine in oncology a reality, is pleased to announce that its OncoKDM® platform was used to support a pilot study carried out by the Veneto Institute of Oncology – IRCCS (Italy), whose results were made public in August 2020.

The paper, titled “Pembrolizumab Activity in Recurrent High-Grade Gliomas with Partial or Complete Loss of Mismatch Repair Protein Expression: A Monocentric, Observational and Prospective Pilot Study”, aims to evaluate the efficacy and safety of pembrolizumab in relapsing high-grade glioma (HGG) patients with immunohistochemical loss of at least one MMR protein. 

With the support of OncoKDM® platform, which was used for read alignment to human genome hg19, variant calling and data translation into clinically-relevant information, the study demonstrates that pembrolizumab shows no apparent benefit in HGG patients and that no molecular biomarker was found to be associated with pembrolizumab activity.

Dr Stefano Indraccolo, one of the authors of the publication, said “I was very excited to work with OncoDNA bioinformatics team, they were really fundamental to set-up and steadily improve a customized algorithm of analysis for the main types of genetic alterations in glioblastoma samples”.

“With the rapid advancements of technology and clinical findings in oncology, it is important for the laboratories and academic centers to rely on the most advanced one-stop-shop Clinical Decision Support tool to accelerate and ease their analytics and interpretation work. We are really pleased OncoKDM® platform was chosen for this study”, added Jean-Pol Detiffe, OncoDNA’s CEO & Founder. 

OncoKDM® is an online clinical decision support platform that turns NGS data into actionable clinical information. OncoKDM® can integrate NGS results with IHC, MSI and TMB data. The resulting comprehensive and interactive report includes updated information about approved and investigational treatments for each patient, as well as NGS quality control data, patient clinical data and comprehensive NGS variants annotation. 

About Instituto Oncologico Veneto – IRCCS

The Veneto Institute of Oncology IOV – IRCCS is the first and only medical center in the Veneto region specific for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer and for cancer research.

IOV was established by the Veneto Regional Government in December 2005, becoming a highly specialized health research center of national and international importance.

Scientific research integrated into clinical care is the characteristic that substantially differentiates the IOV from other healthcare companies without the IRCCS qualification. The IOV, in addition to being subject to the control system of the Veneto Region, undergoes, a two-year verification process by the Ministry of Health to confirm the IRCCS status for cancer care and research and an annual verification of scientific research results, which is linked to the funding of current research activities.

The Veneto Institute of Oncology is based in Padua, Italy, at the Busonera Hospital.

For more information please visit: https://www.ioveneto.it/en/

About OncoDNA

OncoDNA is a private, oncology-focused healthcare technology company that combines advanced, comprehensive testing of all clinically relevant cancer biomarkers (DNA, RNA and protein profiles) from both solid and liquid biopsies with a proprietary cancer treatment knowledge database called OncoKDO™ which continuously ‘learns’ from cutting-edge, validated, scientific and medical advances. This one-stop-shop analysis and interpretation service gives oncologists actionable results to enable the selection of treatments tailored to the individual patient’s cancer profile. For laboratories worldwide with NGS facilities who would like to reach the same level of expertise, we provide them with state-of-the-art interpretation software to improve their oncology-oriented analyses routine work. The software OncoKDM is a web-based tool that processes oncology raw NGS data to turn data into clinical insight such as treatment options or clinical trials. OncoDNA also works in collaboration with the biopharma industry to develop and deliver the treatments of tomorrow by assisting with design, enrolment and assessment of clinical trials as well as increasing access to approved precision medicines. The company is based in Gosselies, Belgium, employs approx. 50 employees in four countries, works with an international network of 35 distributors covering approx. 50 countries and is collaborating with a sub-contracted laboratory of 300 collaborators.

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