Testimonial of OncoDNA’s Journey through its founder’s words

Dive Deep into OncoDNA’s journey tells by its founder Jean-Pol Detiffe !


In this video interview, you’ll discover the inspiration behind OncoDNA’s tests and its pioneering decentralized solution: OncoDEEP Kit.

But that’s not all! Jean-Pol also underscores the significance of integrated tools specifically designed for laboratory requirements, based on more than 10 years of scientific experience and users’ feedback.

🔍 Enjoy the exploration and don’t hesitate to navigate through other sections of the portal to discover a treasure trove of cutting-edge scientific content ! 📚


We know what is important to be relevant in our report for the oncologist. All this experience is included in the kit : the database, the interpretation software, a nice chemistry to run in the lab, and it's for sure cost-effective and evolutive
Jean-Pol Detiffe
Founder of OncoDNA

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