OncoDNA laboratory has received the CAP accreditation

Gosselies, January 4th – The Certificate of Accreditation has been issued to the IntegraGen laboratory by The College of American Pathologists (CAP) for having successfully met the Laboratory Accreditation Program Standards.

“The CAP accreditation is a critical step for OncoDNA, and we are proud that our French lab will now provide access to patients and physicians to our unique and integrated portfolio combining biomarker tests, genomic services and data interpretation.”, says Bernard Courtieu, CEO at OncoDNA.

As OncoDNA laboratory continues to advance its services and capabilities, the CAP accreditation serves as a testament to its ongoing pursuit of excellence and commitment to improving patient care. Patients and healthcare providers can trust that the laboratory adheres to the highest quality practices, ensuring the utmost accuracy and reliability in every test conducted.

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