Precision oncology solutions: From molecular profiling to clinical decision with OncoKDM

Discover the cutting-edge in precision oncology solutions with OncoKDM. Our innovative platform transitions seamlessly from detailed molecular profiling to actionable clinical decisions, setting a new standard in personalized cancer care.
(H2) : Comprehensive Interpretation Reports for Enhanced NGS Data Understanding

Experience the core strength of OncoKDM – its comprehensive interpretation reports. Designed to provide laboratories with unparalleled insights, our reports feature eight essential assets to revolutionize your NGS data analysis:

  • Detailed Annotations – In-depth and precise annotations for a clearer understanding of genomic data.
  • Actionable Variants List – Identification of critical variants that can influence treatment decisions.
  • Therapies Recommendations – Tailored therapy options based on individual patient profiles.
  • Clinical Trials Summary – A curated list of relevant clinical trials, opening avenues for advanced treatment options.

These components are meticulously crafted to empower healthcare professionals with precision oncology solutions, ensuring that every patient receives the most effective, personalized treatment strategy.

To learn more about how OncoKDM can transform your precision oncology approach, visit our dedicated OncoKDM page. 

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Scientific Application Note

Endometrial Cancer Randomized Phase II Trial of Carboplatin–Paclitaxel Compared with Carboplatin–Paclitaxel–Trastuzumab in Advanced (Stage III–IV) or Recurrent Uterine Serous Carcinomas that Overexpress Her2/Neu (NCT01367002)

Abstract Purpose: Uterine-serous-carcinoma (USC) is an aggressive variant of endometrial cancer. On the basis of preliminary results of a multicenter, randomized phase II trial, trastuzumab (T), a humanized-mAb targeting Her2/Neu, in combination with carboplatin/paclitaxel (C/P),...

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