Decoding Cancer: OncoDEEP Kit revolutionises genomic analysis for personalised treatment

Join us in this video as Marcel Trautmann, Head of Molecular Diagnostics within the first German Department of Pathology and member of the German Network for Personalized Medicine (DNPM),  shares his firsthand experience with OncoDEEP® Kit. The solution showcasing has not only revolutionised his laboratory services but also turned him into a passionate ambassador for this innovative solution.

The upcoming video delves into comprehension molecular profiling analysis, from tumor sample to clinical interpretation. It’s not just about presenting a product: it illustrate how OncoDEEP® Kit, an all-in-one solution streamlines the molecular analysis workflow into a single sequential process. OncoDEEP Kit® not only transforms the analytical landscape, making it a game-changing advancement in genomics, but it’s also a cost-effective choice, maximizing the value of sequencing data for clinical interpretation.

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OncoDEEP® Kit is a total-game changer because you have all the solutions for all the genomic alterations.
When you have more than 5 biomarkers to be simultaneously checked, this is even more cost-effective than going for a single sequential testing workflow.
Marcel Trautmann
Head of Molecular Diagnostics - Division of Translational Pathology
University Hospital in Germany

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