Webinar: Advancing personalized cancer treatment: explore the synergy of Twist Bioscience & OncoDNA

In the era of precision medicine, next-generation sequencing (NGS) has become a vital tool for comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) of solid tumors. However, with a broad spectrum of therapies already approved or in clinical trials, it is essential to develop rapid and scalable techniques capable of detecting an evolving number of therapeutically relevant genomic alterations and complex biomarkers.

To meet these needs, OncoDNA, a world-leading theranostics company, developed OncoDEEP — an all-in-one CE-IVD approved assay supporting the delivery of personalized treatment strategies. Curated by oncology experts and powered by Twist hybrid capture technology, the OncoDEEP NGS panel delivers accurate profiling of single-nucleotide variants (SNVs), copy number variants (CNVs) and insertions and deletions (indels) in 638 clinically relevant genes.

In this webinar you will:

  • Hear how OncoDEEP delivers comprehensive insights into personalized cancer treatment strategies.
  • Discover how expert panel design supports the identification of complex genome signatures, including HRD, TMB, MSI and LOH.
  • Learn why Twist hybrid capture technology was chosen to power the assay.
  • Hear how the assay was validated and adopted by one of the largest German care providers.
  • Understand how to maximize the value of your NGS data in a clinical setting.