OncoDNA launches the OncoSELECT Kit increasing laboratories capacity to provide liquid comprehensive genomic profiling in-house

OncoDNA launches the OncoSELECT Kit increasing laboratories capacity to provide liquid comprehensive genomic profiling in-house.

Gosselies, Belgium, October 20th, 2023 – OncoDNA, a leading genomic and theranostic company specialising in precision medicine for cancer treatment, is pleased to announce the launch of the OncoSELECT Kit. The uptake for circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) plasma testing is increasing and it is important laboratories take advantage of a well-designed test so they can quickly signpost oncologists to approved biomarkers for patient benefit. Laboratories that choose to deploy the OncoSELECT Kit will be provided with the opportunity to review the performance and results as part of a structured ‘validation exercise’ as well as receive training, input from scientific support and upgrades.

The OncoSELECT Kit is OncoDNA’s first decentralised solution for liquid biopsies, it benefits from having been used in a routine centralised setting for many years ensuring that laboratories can leverage OncoDNA’s extensive expertise locally. The OncoSELECT Kit encompasses more than 70 genes, including pertinent HRR genes, reporting genomic alterations and enabling the identification of MSI and CNV. When a solid biopsy is impossible or unavailable, the OncoSELECT Kit is recommended as a non-invasive solution to detect ctDNA in the blood of cancer patients. Underpinning the kit is Twist Bioscience reagents, and OncoDNA’s data analysis and clinical interpretation tool, OncoKDMTM. Using the data gathered in OncoKDMTM, molecular biologists can create a report that will ensure oncologists increase patient access to precision oncology.

In launching the OncoSELECT Kit OncoDNA is extending its decentralised offer as the tissue based OncoDEEP Kit is already used by many laboratories to increase access to Comprehensive Genomic Profiling. The launch of the OncoSELECT Kit reinforces OncoDNA’s commitment to become a reliable laboratory partner so that the needs of oncologists are served in a timely way.

We have been performing liquid biopsies since 2015 in our central lab and are excited to expand our decentralized model also in the domain of liquid biopsies. We are sure our expertise of more than 8 years in liquid biopsies will be valuable for laboratories and oncologists across Europe.  Whilst solid tumour tissue is still considered the “gold standard” for which our OncoDEEP Kit is the test of choice now with the launch of the OncoSELECT Kit, we are able to serve patients for whom a solid biopsy is impossible.” 

Jean-Pol Detiffe, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer and Founder of OncoDNA.

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