Agreement to file a friendly takeover bid initiated by OncoDNA on IntegraGen to acquire all outstanding shares at a price of 2.20€ per share

Gosselies, Belgium – Évry, France July 9th, 2020
This transaction would bring together OncoDNA’s expertise in oncology precision medicine and IntegraGen’s know-how in DNA sequencing services and bioinformatics analyses. The combination of both companies would enable to offer a complete solution that combines oncology laboratory testing and software solutions which will benefit the treatment of patients with advanced cancer.

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Scientific Application Note

LUNG CANCER: Data from TRACERx presented at AACR provides further support for the use of personalised ctDNA assays in the assessment of minimal residual disease and impending progression following surgery for early stage disease

CT023 – Phylogenetic tracking and minimal residual disease detection using ctDNA in early-stage NSCLC: A lung TRACERx study AACR Annual Meeting 2020 Online Proceedings and Itinerary Planner Home April 28, 2020 ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION  Minimal residual disease...

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