Epigenomics is the study of changes in the regulation of gene activity and expression which are not dependent on gene sequence. OncoDNA provides researchers access to methylation arrays, RRBS, and MethylSEQ.

Human methylation arrays

OncoDNA utilizes the Infinium Human Methylation 450 BeadChip by Illumina as a cost-effective solution for human whole genome methylation profiling. The array provides single-base methylation information for more than 450,000 CpG sites.

With hundreds of samples processed on an annual basis since 2008 and as the preferred provider for the French National League Against Cancer, OncoDNA is a leader in supporting methylation array studies.

Value provided by OncoDNA

  • Expertise in the study design of methylation-related research projects, combining both arrays and bisulfite sequencing approaches
  • Expert insight and assistance with results handling and data statistical analysis
  • Bisulfite treatment included in our methylation service offerings

Technical Guarantees

  • Accurate qualitative and quantitative controls for DNA samples
  • Illumina Certified Service Provider

Reduced representation bisulfite sequencing (RRBS)

RRBS is an efficient and high-throughput technique used to analyze the genome-wide methylation profiles on a single nucleotide level. As a result of the high cost and depth of sequencing needed to analyze methylation status in the entire genome, RRBS is a bisulfite-based protocol that enriches CG-rich parts of the genome, thereby reducing the amount of sequencing required while capturing the majority of promoters and other relevant genomic regions.

Our experience

  • Library prep based on optimized protocol from Messner et al.*
  • Numerous customer publications based on results from RRBS-related research projects
* Messner et al. Preparation of reduced representation bisulfite sequencing libraries for genome-scale DNA methylation profiling. Nature Protocols 2011; 6:468–481.

How OncoDNA adds value

  • Expertise in the design of research projects
  • Optimized RRBS library prep protocol for human and mouse genomes
  • Single Msp1 digestion or enhanced protocol (eRRBS) with double enzymatic digestions
  • RRoxBS expertise available
  • Ability to develop personalized tertiary statistical analyses of genomic data 

Technical guarantees

  • High conversion rate (>99.5%)
  • Sequencing depth and coverage guarantee according to project design