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OncoDEEP Kit






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Pan solid tumors

Tumor tissue (DNA + RNA)



Twist Bioscience

Reagents + Data Analysis

+ Reporting

What Is OncoDEEP Kit?

Best-in-class biomarker testing solution for tumor tissues

OncoDEEP was designed by oncology experts to contain the most relevant and complete cancer gene panel. It has been extensively used by in-house experts, and trusted by oncologists, for 15 years. 

The OncoDEEP test is now available as an end-to-end solution for use in your lab.

The OncoDEEP Kit offers rapid and reliable insights by profiling a large number of complex biomarkers in a single test. Combined with robust data analysis and clinical interpretation software tools, you can identify a broader set of treatment options for patients, while saving the cost and burden of outsourcing.

And because you can perform the test in house yourself, there's no need to ship sensitive patient samples to OncoDNA's labs in Belgium.


The bioinformatics packages leverage the power of OncoDNA’s proprietary knowledge database OncoKDO:

·  Curated daily by oncology experts

·  4,500,000+ genetic variants

·  1,300+ drugs

·  22,000+ documented genes

·  8,500+ actively recruiting clinical trials


Why Run Your Samples with the OncoDEEP Kit? 


Relevant & reliable 

• Biomarker panel developed by oncology experts  

 Experts curate our database daily, for up-to-the-minute clinical insights



• From tumor to biological and clinical interpretation

• Analyze sequence data to identify genomic signatures

• Create fully customizable reports for personalized treatment plans

Timely results

• Extracted DNA to treatment recommendations in five days

• Compatible with automation to reduce hands-on time


Easy to implement 

• Based on Twist Bioscience reagent workflow

• For use with Illumina NGS

• Complete guidance documentation for every step


• 638 genes and relevant biomarkers

• 4 genomic alteration classes

• Complex genome signatures (HRD, MSI, TMB, LOH)



Available in both RUO and CE-IVD versions



NGS Gene Panel and Powerful Analysis Packages Included


OncoDEEP Kit includes all the materials required to perform the comprehensive biomarker testing of solid tumors. The Kit comes with the reagents and probes associated with Twist Capture technology, as well as with the bioinformatics pipeline and our secure, cloud-based MERCURY software to analyze the raw data and access extensive quality control tools. OncoDNA also offers the opportunity to run the sequencing data through its proprietary database and extract patient-specific clinical interpretation reports made available on its OncoKDM online platform. To date, its database counts no less than 4,500,000 genetic variants, 1,150 cancer drugs, and data from 7,000 clinical trials.

Laboratories will have the opportunity to select two types of OncoDEEP Kit: one kit for DNA sequencing only, and another one for the combination of DNA and RNA sequencing.

The ISO 15189 (Medical laboratories-Requirements for quality and competence), CE-IVD (In vitro diagnostic devices complied to be sold in Europe), ISO 27001 (Information security management) and ISO 13485:2016 (Quality Management System) apply to our OncoDEEP® comprehensive biomarker test.

Cannot find what you are looking for? Contact us! Our Scientific Support Teams are available to answer all your questions from Monday to Friday.

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