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Meet OncoDNA at The Breast Cancer Debate of the Year" and "The Best of SABCST 2020 - BELGIUM


Jan. 24, 2020


Debate on controversies in the management of luminal breast cancer An education activity of the Breast Cancer Task Force of the BSMO Organizing Committee: Ahmad Awada (Institut Jules Bordet, Brussels), Hans Wildiers (UZ Leuven) and Peter Vuylsteke (CHU UCL Namur 1

9.00-19.40 Welcome and buffet

19.40-19.45 Introduction : Ahmad Awada (Institut Jules Bordet) and Hans Wildiers (UZ Leuven)

19.45-20.15 Should adjuvant anthracyclines always be part of the chemo-regimen in early stage luminal breast cancer? In favour: Caroline Duhem, CHL (10 min) Against: Hans Wildiers, Leuven (10 min) Discussion : all (10 min)

20.15-20.45 Should we perform gene expression profiling in all patients with pT2N0/1 luminal breast cancers? In favour: Christos Sotiriou, Brussels (10 min) Against: Patrick Neven, Leuven (10 min) Discussion : All (10 min)

20.45-21.00 Coffee Break

21.00-21.30 Should PIK3CA be tested in metastatic luminal breast cancer? In favour: Peter Vuylsteke, Namur (10 min) Against: Ahmad Awada, Brussels (10 min) Discussion : All (10 min)

21.30-22.00 Should upfront chemotherapy be the treatment of choice for patients with metastatic triple positive breast cancer? In favour: Hannelore Denys, Gent (10 min) Against: Jeroen Mebis, Hasselt (10 min) Discussion : All (10 min)

22.00-22.15 Conclusions and take home messages : Peter Vuylsteke, CHU UCL Namur