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OncoDNA’s personalised cancer profiling tests covered by a new insurer


Nov. 13, 2019


The Malaysian general insurer market leader, Lonpac in collaboration with OncoDNA and their Malaysian authorised representative, Genesis Genome Sdn Bhd. Launched Secure Cancer Care. Secure Cancer Care is a specific medical service insurance for cancer patients, focussing on the best new technique and state of the art solutions to increase the chance of survival and better quality of life.

Thanks to OncoDNA services, Lonpac insurance can now make possible for their member to have access to a team of highly qualified scientists located in Belgium to do molecular profiling of cancer cells. Through OncoDNA’s molecular profiling of tumour, Lonpac can now help Malaysians oncologists to select the most effective way of treating their patients.

“The journey of Cancer patients from the diagnosis through treatment to survivorship is not an easy one. We are proud of the decision of Lonpac to offer their members such effective solutions as OncoDNA profiling to help to treat cancer while preserving a better quality of life” said Kelly Teo, Country Manager at Genesis Genome, Kuala Lumpur.


The growing role of insurers and states in precision medicine accessibility in Oncology

The Lonpac initiative completes the previous International financing initiatives to support the OncoDNA molecular profiling solutions. Private insurers, like the ones from the United Kingdom (Bupa, …) since 2018, the Belgian Liberal Mutuality and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg have indeed already decided to offer their member a fully personalised cancer management approach through innovative financing solutions.

Those payers have an essential role to universalise access and ensure that precision oncology is not a luxury, but a reality for everyone.

The Lonpac Initiative is nevertheless rather innovative offering a complete cancer management solution financing with Secure Cancer Care plans, molecular profiling, treatment recommendations, follow-up monitoring and cancer treatment. Many hospitals are already supporting this innovation in Malaysia.


OncoDNA fighting for better survival and quality of life

Jean Pol Detiffe CEO of OncoDNA said: “Worldwide about 35% of cancer patients are suffering from advanced diseases (Stage III or IV). The efficacy of the first-line treatments is rather poor and varies by cancer type (from 10% to 85%). The personalised approach is mandatory to quickly identify the best and effective solutions but also to reject the most toxic or ineffective ones for every single patient. OncoDNA is the only molecular profiling company focussing not only on the survival but also on the quality of life of patients.”


About Genesis Genome :

Genesis Genome Sdn Bhd is a company with the focus on Personalised Medicine. They offer diagnostics tests that tailor treatments based on the specific genetic profile of an individual. Their clienteles are oncologists in the private and government Hospitals. In close collaboration with OncoDNA, Genesis Genome, market OncoDNA solutions in Malaysia, creating awareness for oncologists and patients, ensuring sample logistics and supporting insurers help.

More about Secure Cancer Care: https://www.lonpac.com/personal-insurance/health/secure-cancer-care


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