The First Personalized Liquid Biopsy In The World

The unique personalized non-invasive blood based solution to monitor the evolution of the tumor and the effectiveness of the treatment.

During the development and/or the death of cancer cells, some small fragments of nucleic acids that are not associated with cells or cell fragments are released into the blood. Those DNA fragments are called cell-free circulating DNA (ctDNA).

ctDNA is released by both the primary tumor and metastases, so that its analysis gives a comprehensive and consistent image that reflects the whole genetic landscape of a patient's cancer. ctDNA not only contains the mutations already present in the primary tumor site but also those present in (and perhaps responsible for) metastases.



OncoTRACE is the first & unique solution to monitor the evolution of the disease without any invasive biopsy. It consists in three steps:

  • From the previous sequencing of the tumor of the patient, we identify several variants (from 10 to 15) and we develop a specific assay.
  • From a simple blood sample, we extract the ctDNA and fetch those specific variants by NGS using a very high coverage (median of 15000X). In addition to this specific personalized panel, we also perform a core panel of 28 genes (the one used in our OncoSTRAT&GO solution ) that have been associated with resistance or sensitivity to several therapies.
  • We make a personalized report taking into account the evolution of the specific variants and the presence of variants that might be associated either with benefits or lack of clinical benefits of some treatments.


This new and unique approach for cancer monitoring and treatment responses follow-up shows several benefits:

  • Highly specific: we are not fishing for potential surrogates. We target the specific variants from the tumor
  • Through our core panel, we can screen for variants that have been associated with real impact on the treatment
  • Non-invasive procedure (blood sampling) and very fast TAT (7 working days)

NB: This solution is only available for any stage III or IV metastatic solid tumor in adults.

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