The Most Complete Molecular Profiling Solution to Deliver the Best Treatment Plan for the patient

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Our solution OncoSTRAT&GO is the only one on the market that combines, in a single analysis, the profiling of a solid biopsy and of a liquid biopsy. The solid biopsy consists in a small piece of the primary tumor or of metastasis while the liquid biopsy is a simple blood sample.

The aim of analyzing the solid tumor is to steer oncologists towards new treatment options based on the complete molecular profiling of the tumor, meaning not just the analysis of the DNA, the genetic material of the tumor but also the analysis of crucial protein biomarker. Why ? Simply because not all info is written in the DNA. The analysis of the blood sample monitors the progression of a patient's tumor and assesses treatment effectiveness.

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OncoSHARE is the link between the patient, the oncologist, the oncology community and OncoDNA. It allows sample Shipment Kit request, analyses ordering, process follow-up, data analysis and data sharing.

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