Progenetics became exclusive distributor of OncoDNA products line in Israel

Progenetics became exclusive distributor of OncoDNA products line in Israel

Brussels & Tel Aviv, 2 July 2015

Belgium-based OncoDNA SA, The Cancer Theranostic Company, which provides a total solution from tumor profiling (OncoDEEP) to liquid biopsy (OncoTRACE) helping oncologists with drug treatment options and monitoring, has recently finalized a distribution agreement with Progenetics, a leading personalized cancer genomics provider in Israel to bring affordable and state-of-the-art theranostic analyses to the Israeli population.

Progenetics has chosen OncoDNA as its preferred supplier of clinical grade molecular theranostic using the OncoDEEP DX and Clinical cancer panels in combination with the Package PLUS, a cancer specific package of different IHCs and other tests designed to analyse key proteins’ presence and activity, translocations, etc. The collaboration agreement with OncoDNA will enable Israeli physicians to access this medical innovation, providing them with clinically relevant interpretations of patients' tumors by using the OncoSHARE web platform designed by OncoDNA.

This collaboration agreement confers distribution exclusivity in Israel for PROGENETICS. This is the fourteenth (14th) exclusive agreement granted by OncoDNA.

OncoDNA aims at providing medical innovations based on targeted sequencing or on the complete sequencing of tumor genomes, complemented with molecular pathology testing, in order to assist medical doctors in their treatment choices and/or provide better monitoring of the evolution of their patients’ tumor. OncoDNA is an affiliated company of IPG (Institute of Pathology and Genetics) in Belgium.

Progenetics provides genetic studies to customize and enhance treatment options for patients with cancer. Progenetics selects the most appropriate genomic studies for each type of tumor, always seeking the maximum clinical utility for the patient. Progenetics uses the latest technologies for analysis and interpretation and supported by the best medical and genetics specialists.

Michäel Herman, Business Development Director of OncoDNA, said: “A couple months ago, OncoDNA has received a first order from a genetic company based in Israel which wanted to get an OncoDEEP analysis for one of their oncologist customers: Progenetics. We have rapidly been impressed by their deep knowledge of cancer treatment management and their dynamic sales development. We are very happy of this opportunity for OncoDNA to rely on such a proactive and expert partner.”

Yoav Manaster, Marketing director of Progenetics commented: " “This agreement with OncoDNA will enable Israeli physicians to access molecular diagnostic information based on next gen sequencing combined with IHC stainings. We are highly impressed with OncoDNA plus packages, which supply the physician with a unique and valuable report that goes way beyond of anything we used to see in NGS like reports. We're sure that the extra layer of information offered by OncoDNA specialists, will have a significant effect on treatment decisions and will be used to improve patient outcomes".

About OncoDNA SA
Based in Belgium, OncoDNA is a leading company specialised in the personalized analysis of tumor DNA. OncoDNA currently has two services, OncoDEEP and OncoTRACE, used for the targeted sequencing or complete sequencing of tumor genomes. These medical innovations assist medical doctors with treatment choice and/or provide better monitoring of tumor evolution in patients. For more information, please visit

Pro-Genetics is an innovative company in the relatively new field of molecular tumor profiling in Israel. Founded as a result of strong consumer demand for advanced cancer testing, the company is expanding fast, and is well-positioned to become a market leader in the emerging field of personalized medicine for the treatment of cancer. For more information please visit:

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