Launch of OncoDNA's new solution OncoKDM - Conference "From Big Data To Useful Knowledge"

Launch of OncoDNA's new solution OncoKDM - Conference

On May 3rd 2017, OncoDNA launched their new solution, OncoKDM. KDM means Knowlegde Driven Medicine. This SaaS application will allow any cancer treatment facility to have their data interpreted with the help of the experts at OncoDNA, using their proprietary algorithms and unique knowledge database. Oncologists from around the world are now able to receive a detailed and interactive report that contains essential information which should help them in selecting the right treatment to fight each patient's tumour.

For this occasion, OncoDNA has organised a conference at the facilities of the Institute of Pathology and Genetics (IPG) at Gosselies. Following intervention from Minister Jean-Claude Marcourt, scientific experts have spoken out to present and discuss applications that have been made possible by "Big Data" and their implications in the fight against cancer.

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