Brussels & Incheon, 15 July 2015

Belgium-based OncoDNA SA, The Cancer Theranostic Company, which provides a total solution from tumor profiling (oncoDEEP) to liquid biopsy (OncoTRACE) helping oncologists with drug treatment recommendations and monitoring, has recently finalized a distribution agreement with EDGC (EONE-Diagnomics Genome Center), affiliation of the EONE laboratories, the largest clinical reference laboratory with over 4000 hospitals and physicians network in Korea, to bring affordable and state-of-the-art theranostic analyses to the Korean population.

EDGC has chosen OncoDNA as its preferred supplier of clinical grade molecular theranostic using the OncoDEEP DX and Clinical cancer panels in combination with the Package PLUS, a cancer specific package of different IHCs and other tests designed to analyse key proteins’ presence and activity, translocations, etc. The collaboration agreement with OncoDNA will enable Korean physicians to access this medical innovation, providing them with clinically relevant interpretations of patients' tumors by using the OncoSHARE web platform designed by OncoDNA.

This collaboration agreement confers distribution exclusivity in Korea for EDGC. This is the fifteenth (15) exclusive agreement granted by OncoDNA.

The EDGC (Eone-Diagnomics Genome Center) focuses on innovative products and service offering for personalized medicine based on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology and cutting edge genomics analysis. Its goal is to provide high-quality healthcare products and services to guide personalized medicine based on an individual’s genetic information. They provides various personal genome sequencing and bioinformatics solutions to biomedical researchers, physicians and individuals seeking to understand the genetic influence of personal health and disease.

“We are very happy to working with OncoDNA to provide cutting edge technology to help and guide cancer patients and physicians based on individual genetic makeup of cancer. This will truly revolutionize cancer patients by providing right choice for the best available treatments.” said Min Seob Lee PhD, CEO of EDGC and president of Diagnomics.

OncoDNA’s aim is to provide medical innovations based on targeted sequencing or on the complete sequencing of tumor genomes, complemented with molecular pathology testing, in order to assist medical doctors in their treatment choices and/or provide better monitoring of the evolution of their patients’ tumor.

Michäel Herman, Director of Business Development of OncoDNA, said: “We view this partnership in Korea as an important milestone and we are excited to enter into a partnership that will allow Korean clinician to leverage OncoDNA’s sophisticated tumor profiling expertise and to benefit from OncoDEEP treatment recommendations and, in a near future, from OncoTRACE’s treatment monitoring possibilities. We have found with EDGC a perfect partner which combines a long expertise in personalized medicine and strong ties with the clinical oncologist community.”

About OncoDNA SA
Based in Belgium, OncoDNA is is an affiliated company of IPG (Institute of Pathology and Genetics) and is a leading company specialised in the personalized analysis of tumor DNA. OncoDNA currently has two services, OncoDEEP and OncoTRACE, used for the targeted sequencing or complete sequencing of tumor genomes. These medical innovations assist medical doctors with treatment choice and/or provide better monitoring of tumor evolution in patients. For more information, please visit www.oncodna.com

About EDGC (EONE-Diagnomics Genome Center)
EDGC is an international joint venture established in 2013 between the Eone Life Science Institute in Korea and Diagnomics, Inc. in USA. Eone Life Science provides 30 years of know-how and experience in clinical diagnostics and reference lab expertise in Korea, and Diagnomics contributes cutting edge genomics and next generation sequencing expertise. Together EDGC plans to revolutionize next generation healthcare based on personalized medicine. The EDGC joint venture is located in international free economic zone (IFEZ) of Songdo Inchon, Korea. For more information please visit: www.edgc.com.

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Business Development Director
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Heeyoung Na

Team leader of Sales & Marketing Department
Eone-Diagnomics Genome Center (EDGC), Inc. Ltd.
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