It has now been widely demonstrated that cancer is a genetic disease, by the fact that it is mutations in certain genes, i.e. oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, which cause the disease. Mutations can be present from the outset (hereditary cancer) or caused by environmental factors (smoking, UV from exposure to sunlight, etc.). Specific mutations of tumor genes can now be detected and they provide a molecular view of the mechanisms which drive tumor growth. Their impact on cancer pathways can also be verified, allowing a better analysis of how these mechanisms could be thwarted by treatments. This advancement has stimulated new approaches to personalize cancer treatment.

DNA search and Cancer

Our solutions

OncoDEEP is the first progressive and integrative cancer theranostic tool, using the Next Generation Sequencing analysis of potentially actionnable genes in a tumor alone or combined with classical molecular pathology testing and validation of the impact of mutations at the level of proteins and pathways.
OncoDEEP theranostic services help oncologists with treatment choice, based on the targeted therapies currently on the market and under development in clinical trial. OncoDEEP sequencing guarantees deep coverage (of 500 to 1000x) which takes into account the heterogeneity of a tumor and can be confirmed and completed using a panel of cancer type specific IHCs and other molecular pathology analyses.


OncoDEEP consists in a complete pathology and molecular analysis including:
* Pathology review
* Mapping of genetic alterations (mutations and amplifications) by NGS
* Confirmation of downstream pathway activation and resistance by IHC

We provide oncologists with an integrative medical report which includes:
* A list of molecular alterations (variants and/or pathways) found, which are relevant to the patient tumor type
* A list of drugs which might or might not be of clinical benefit to the patient (classified according to registration status)
* A list of clinical trials available for the above mentioned drugs

Our solutions

Mokup OncoSHARE


The most cost-effective solution combining DNA / RNA and protein analyses to guide the oncologist’s treatment choice.

OncoTRACE is our individualized biomarker approach for a sensitive way of monitoring your cancer using liquid biopsy (simple blood test). It also gives early response indicators for treatment choice.


OncoTRACE is the first & unique solution to monitor the evolution of the disease without any invasive biopsy. It consists in three steps:
1. From the previous sequencing of the tumor of the patient, we identify several variants (from 10 to 15) and we develop a specific assay.
2. From a simple blood sample, we extract the ctDNA and fetch those specific variants by NGS using a very high coverage (median of 15000X).
In addition to this specific panel, we also perform a core personalized panel of 28 genes (the one used in our OncoDEEP&TRACE solution ) that have been associated with resistance or sensitivity to several therapies.
3. We make a personalized report taking into account the evolution of the specific variants and the presence of variants that might be associated either with benefits or lack of clinical benefits of some treatments.

This test is only provided for research purposes, although the usefulness of liquid biopsy biomarkers has been validated in different scientific publications. The discovery and validation of personalized biomarkers is a step for which the time taken is fairly unpredictable. Once the test has been validated, however, the analysis of the biomarkers in the blood is very quick (less than 5 days).


This new and unique approach for cancer monitoring and treatment responses follow-up shows several benefits:
1. Highly specific: we are not fishing for potential surrogates. We target the specific variants from the tumor
2. Through our core panel, we can screen for variants that have been associated with real impact on the treatment
3. Non-invasive procedure (blood sampling) and very fast TAT (7 working days)
4. Last but not least, we can design and make this personalized test starting from any NGS panel (as soon as the number of genes tested is high enough to identify specific variants)

NB: This solution is only available for any stage III or IV metastatic solid tumor in adults.

A web interface to share test results

After creating your account, you can ask for receiving Shipment Kit to be used for tumor shipment. Oncologist can order OncoDEEP analyses, receive the report which lists the treatment options and if applicable, the clinical trials available in relation with recommended drugs into development. Also, the oncologist can share this report with a colleague for a second medical advice, with an expert in the field for high level analysis or with a college of colleagues during a molecular board.

A comprehensive and integrated Report

After a short analysis time (7 days for OncoDEEP DX), you’ll have access to generated data through OncoSHARE. It will not just draw you tables of results with impenetrable raw data but will provide you with a clear-cut representation, listing events by order of importance, from those which have a deep impact on therapeutical choices to the most anecdotic polymorphism. A structured resume, called “Integrated Biological Review”, provides you, in a single page, with the essential findings and treatment options proposed. Also, as only a web interface can do it, all generated data using both next generation sequencing and molecular pathology are comprehensively listed, till the least significant one.

Mokup OncoSHARE

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